Overview of the new Hospital@home service – South
Resource Description

This 59-minute webinar will provide you with an overview of the new Hospital@home service in the South and includes information around why being cared for in the home may benefit your patients.

 Hospital@home is the new name for a service in Southern Tasmania which integrates and expands on current services provided by the existing Hospital in the Home (HITH), Community Rapid Response Service (ComRRS), and Allied Health Rapid Response Team (AHRRT) and includes a Geriatric Evaluation and Management (GEM) at home service. Hospital@home increases consumer choice by building on established and successful programs. This webinar was developed by the Tasmanian Health Service - South and was facilitated by Primary Health Tasmania.  

 The Hospital@home service will leverage virtual care and digital technologies to provide a single referral point for patients of Southern Tasmania to access rapid response non-admitted care, as well as acute and subacute admitted care in the community setting if it is safe to do so. Hospital@home will operate from a newly established Centralised Hub, increasing virtual ward capacity and further expanding the reach of community interventions.

 This webinar seeks to update health professionals on:

• Hospital@home referral pathways for GPs and other health professionals

• Case study presentations

• Benefits for patients

The learning objectives covered in the webinar include:

• Develop a sound understanding of the new Hospital@home service

• Understand the admission criteria and process for referring to the Hospital@home service

• Understanding the benefits of the Hospital@home service for patients


 If you would like any further information about the service please email virtualcareprogram@health.tas.gov.au .  

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