Comply with accreditation standards to maintain vaccine potency
Resource Description

A one-hour, 23-minute webinar hosted by Primary Health Tasmania about how to comply with accreditation standards to maintain vaccine potency.

This webinar seeks to inform practice nurses and practice managers about GP Standard 6 and the associated sets of rules that govern and guide the management of vaccines, following National Vaccine Storage Guidelines 'Strive for 5'. These guidelines provide information and advice for vaccine storage management for Australian immunisation service providers.

Topics covered to support understanding include:

  • managing vaccines during a planned power outage
  • understanding data logger function and how to interpret downloaded fridge temperature results
  • how to report a cold chain breach and to whom
  • using a domestic fridge for vaccine storage
  • maintaining and using cold chain equipment such as minimum and maximum thermometers and data loggers for accuracy of temperature data
  • effective cold chain: transporting, storing, and handling vaccines

At the completion of this webinar, practices will have a greater knowledge of the accreditation expectation for vaccine/cold chain management preparation for the accreditation of the practice.


Speaker information:

The speaker for this event was Christine Brown who has worked in the health industry for well over 40 years.  Initially working for a specialist general surgeon for some years and then moving to manage a group GP practice, for a further 23 years in the Blue Mountains. Over the last 18 years, Christine has been involved in her successful practice management consultancy business, supporting practices ranging in size from 1 GP to 20 GPs, allied health, specialists, dental and methadone clinics.  During this time she has also been working with Quality Innovation Performance (QIP) as a Consultant supporting rural health, Aboriginal medical services, Medicare Locals (now Primary Health Networks), large and small multidisciplinary practices. More recently she has spent time traveling interstate to support and train Australian General Practice Accreditation Limited (AGPAL) Surveyors.

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