LGBTIQA+ online training and resources
Resource Description

A suite of resources, including online training, provided by the Tasmanian Government Department of Health, for health care professionals focussing on LGBTIQA+ inclusive healthcare.

The online module provides an introduction to LGBTIQA+ inclusive healthcare for everybody working in the health system. To support the online module a discussion guide is provided to enable an opportunity to talk about how we deliver health services for members of the LGBTIQIA+ community. The discussion guide is designed for use after the completion of the online LGBTIQ+ inclusive healthcare module. It is a way for teams or small groups to explore ideas and consider actions. The questions will make more sense to people if they have done the module.

Further resources can be found on the Department of Health website including:

  • LGBTIQA+ inclusive healthcare self-assessment tool and action plan
  • inclusive practice poster
  • other training opportunities
  • glossary of common terms
  • inclusive language guide

Registration is required to participate in the online module.

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