Voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD) in Tasmania - An overview and update for GPs and Primary Health Practitioners
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Voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD) in Tasmania
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This 1 hour 19-minute webinar provided an overview on Voluntary Assisted Dying in Tasmania in alignment with the Voluntary Assisted Dying Act of 2021.

The session introduced the voluntary assisted dying process and provide an opportunity for attendees to hear from VAD practitioners. viewers will have an opportunity to also hear from members of the Voluntary Assisted Dying Commission, VAD Navigation Service and VAD Pharmacy Service. The minimum obligations and conscientious objection were discussed, accompanied by an open Q&A with the panel at the end.

The learning objectives covered in this event are:

  • Understand the eligibility requirements for General Practitioners to support patients to access voluntary assisted dying in Tasmania, including the process, eligibility, Approved Training and services available for assistance.
  • Hear about an update on the changes and lessons learned from the first twelve months of the Act in Tasmania,
    and the most recent Annual Report, with discussion from experienced practitioners involved in VAD.
  • Understand the minimum obligations applying to all registered health practitioners in Tasmania and the criteria
    for becoming a person's Primary Medical Practitioner, Consulting Medical Practitioner or Administering Health
  • Define VAD in Tasmania from a General Practitioner’s perspective, including: the roles involved, eligibility
    criteria, responsibilities, and how to access supports, information, and training.

Speaker Information:

Joshua Blake is a Registered Nurse with extensive experience in Tasmania and interstate working in critical-care nursing, palliative care, primary health Nursing and clinical education. Joshua also worked as a Medical Liaison Nurse to the Coroners Court of Victoria during the Covid pandemic.

Louise Mollross has been a Legal Practitioner in private practice for over 35 years. She is a Doyles Guide Preeminent Tasmanian family lawyer and Director of Ogilvie Jennings Lawyers. Louise also practices in the area of estate planning, estate administration, property law and commercial law. Louise is also a member of the Tasmanian Civil & Administrative Tribunal (TasCAT).

Dr Annette Barratt is a medical practitioner with more than 30 years’ experience in general practice, with over 25 years of active involvement in professional organisations, Annette holds membership and/or positions with the AMA, the RACGP, TasCAT, the Ahpra panel of approved doctors and is a Deputy Director of the Professional Services Review.

Dr Keith McArthur has over 35 years experience as a medical practitioner, with more than 30 of those as a GP in a range of environments. Keith is the THS Clinical Lead for Voluntary Assisted Dying.

Simon Castles is the Team Lead of the Tasmanian VAD Navigation Service within the Tasmanian Health Service. A Physiotherapist by training, he comes to this role with over 10 years’ of clinical and health system improvement experience at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Victoria.

Nicola Maddern is an experienced clinical pharmacist, who has worked in hospital and primary health settings both in Tasmania and interstate. Nicky coordinates the VAD Pharmacy Service for Tasmania, as well as working with the Society of Hospital Pharmacists Australia in the VAD Specialty Practice Group.

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