Immunisation Update for Winter 2024
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Winter Immunisation 2024
Winter Immunisation 2024
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This 1 hour 31-minute webinar will provide an update for GPs, practice nurses, authorised immunisers, and pharmacists outlining key clinical and program guidance for 2024 Influenza and COVID-19 vaccination programs.

An update on the RSV vaccine and an overview of influenza and COVID-19 epidemiology will also be provided.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the epidemiology of influenza, COVID-19 and RSV in the Tasmanian and Australian context
  • Identify the priority groups for winter vaccinations as well as eligibility for funded vaccines
  • Understand the 2024 Influenza vaccine and some considerations for ordering
  • Understand the clinical guidance for COVID-19 and RSV vaccines in 2024
  • Describe what an adverse event following immunisation is and how to report it
  • Know which vaccines patients can access at their local pharmacy
  • Find the answers to frequently asked questions and know where to find resources

Speaker information:

Dr Shannon Melody – is a Public Health Physician and Epidemiologist working as a Specialist Medical Advisor in Public Health Services.

Ingrid Hartog – has been working as a Clinical Nurse Consultant with Public Health Services - Immunisation for three years. She is also an authorised immuniser currently working at Clarence City Council. Ingrid has a background in Intensive Care and General Practice Nursing. Ingrid’s main role in the immunisation team is to support council immunisation providers through relevant education and help to organise resources for the school immunisation program and the influenza season.

Dr Katie Flanagan – is Director of Infectious Diseases and the Tasmanian Vaccine Trial Centre at the LGH. She has professional appointments at UTAS and RMIT and is a member of ATAGI.

Nicola Mulcahy – has been working as a Clinical Nurse Consultant with the Communicable Disease Prevention Unit since 2016, in both the Response and Immunisation Units. She enjoys supporting all health practitioners in their immunisation programs and has played a key role in facilitating changes in processes to support pharmacists in expanding their scope over the past few years. Nicola has a background working in General Practice, occupational health and at the Menzies Institute for Medical Research.


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