Immunisation update March 2022
Resource Description

A 52-minute webinar hosted by Primary Health Tasmania about National Immunsation Program updates and influenza vaccines, including influenza vaccine clinical guidance.

This immunisation webinar seeks to update health professionals on:

  • influenza and COVID-19 epidemiology
  • influenza vaccine clinical guidance
  • eligibility criteria for vaccines funded by the National Immunisation Program (NIP)
  • adverse events following immunisation for COVID-19 vaccines.

As a result of watching this webinar you will be able to:

  • describe the seasonal epidemiology of influenza, the current epidemiology of COVID-19, and the expectations for winter 2022
  • locate key clinical guidance and resources relating to influenza vaccines to determine the appropriate influenza vaccine to administer, as well as precautions or contraindications to influenza vaccination
  • interpret eligibility criteria to identify which individuals can receive influenza vaccine funded by the National Immunisation Program
  • differentiate between common and uncommon adverse events following immunisation for COVID-19 vaccines and describe how to manage and report them. 

An update on the resources available to support Tasmanian influenza immunisation providers with managing the implementation of their influenza immunisation program in 2022 will be provided.

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