Aboriginal cultural respect training online module
Resource Description

An online module developed in collaboration with Tasmanian Aboriginal people for Department of Health and Tasmanian Health Service staff and provided to other health professionals as an information resource.

The course guide for this online module is Jeanette James. Jeanette is a proud palawa woman and the former Aboriginal Health Policy Officer for the Department of Health, following many years as the Aboriginal Health Liaison Officer at the Royal Hobart Hospital. Jeanette is a traditional necklace stringer, a practice that is many thousands of years old. Her exquisite necklaces have been exhibited throughout Australia and works acquired by museums and art galleries locally, nationally and internationally.

The purpose of this course is to help you and your work area confidently deliver culturally appropriate services.

Topics covered include:

  • history and culture: an overview
  • culturally respectful health services
  • asking about Aboriginal origin

Other resources to support understanding of Aboriginal health and cultural respect can be found on the Department of Health website.

To access this online module registration is required.

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