A guide to deprescribing and pain management
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A guide to deprescribing and pain management
Deprescribing and pain management
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This 1 hour and 25-minute webinar is the third in a series of three webinar talking about deprescribing.

The deprescribing guidelines have recently undergone an update. The aim of the guidelines is to reduce the potential for inappropriate use of medication, minimise polypharmacy and improve overall patient outcomes. You can access the guidelines here.

This webinar explores the use of multi-disciplinary pain management programs and strategies through a case study and panel discussion on an approach to deprescribing opioids and gabapentinoids in pain management. Deprescribing is the systematic process of identifying and discontinuing potentially inappropriate drugs with the aim of minimising polypharmacy and improving patient outcomes. Our panellists include Dr Marcus Gurgius (Pain Specialist) and Dr Peter Tenni (Consultant Pharmacist) and Angus Thompson (HealthPathways Clinical Editor and Consultant Pharmacist).

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