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MyMedicare is Australia’s new voluntary patient registration model.  It will enable a blended funding model that sits along fee-for-service while strengthening the relationship be

State-wide Referral Criteria (SRC) GP Webinar

This 54-minute webinar is on the State-wide Referral Criteria stage of the eReferral rollout.

Getting ‘Palliative Care Prepared’ – what GPs need to know about the Tasmanian Core Medicines List

This 41-minute webinar is about the Community Pharmacies in Palliative Care (ComPPaCT) project.

Latest webinars

Winter Immunisation 2024
Immunisation Update for Winter 2024

This 1 hour 31-minute webinar will provide an update for GPs, practice nurses, authorised immunisers, and pharmacists outlining key clinical and program guidance for 2024 Influenza and COVI

Hip and knee
Hip and knee osteoarthritis: prevention through to post-operative care in north-west Tasmania – session one

This 58-minute webinar was the first session in the hip and knee osteoarthritis series, which will provide a comprehensive overview into managing hip and knee osteoarthriti

Voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD) in Tasmania - An overview and update for GPs and Primary Health Practitioners

This 1 hour 19-minute webinar provided an overview on Voluntary Assisted Dying in Tasmania in alignment with the Voluntary Assisted Dying Act of 2021.

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