Imaging made easy - ECHO workshop webinar
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The Education Interface Program event 3 - ECHO Workshop - 2 February 2021
ECHO Workshop
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The Education Interface Program - Imaging made easy echocardiogram (Echo).

A one-hour, 20-minute webinar about the fundmentals of ECHO testing, organised by the Cardiac Community Network and  supported by Primary Health Tasmania in partnership with the Tasmanian Health Service GP Liaison Officers.

The Cardiac Community Network has been set up with the aim to improve communication and collaboration between primary and secondary care services, focusing on the management of cardiac related conditions.

This webinar covers:

The role of cardiac, ECHO, computerised tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in contemporary clinical practice. Specifically, focusing on indications, benefits and limitations of each modality, basic interpretation of images in conjunction with interesting clinical cases.


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